Professional Boundaries

Maintaining professional boundaries is an essential part of providing a good quality service. It is relevant to organisations who provide direct care and those that provide a service such as housing estate management. Professional Boundaries protect service users and customers from being taken advantage of by workers and vice versa.

In situations where longstanding and familiar relationships are formed boundaries can become blurred and difficulties can arise for example where some people receive a better service than others. This course reiterates the importance of maintaining confidentiality and maintaining boundaries in line with job role and purpose. It enables participants to define the limits of their roles and consider “grey” areas in small group exercises.

This course has been successfully delivered within the housing and charitable sector.

Learning Objectives

Enable Participants to define the limits of their roles and understand the need for clear professional boundaries

Identify the particular areas where boundaries are at risk of being crossed

Be able to describe good practice regarding working within professional boundaries


Professional Boundaries protect workers from service users taking advantage of a situation and vice versa

Maintaining staff professionalism is a vital element of quality assurance


Training provides an opportunity for workers to discuss and explore potential ‘grey’ areas where professional boundaries may be broken and reduces risk of transgression

Maintaining professional boundaries provides protection for the customer and the service provider


Staff who have direct contact with consumers

Has been successfully delivered within the Housing Sector and Health and Social Care

Relevant to staff whose role does not include provision of direct care

Size of Group

Up to 15


One full day or half day session

Can be delivered in conjunction with Safeguarding Adults as two half day sessions forming a full day of training

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