Living Well with Dementia and Promoting Independence

Dementia is not a natural part of ageing and it affects more than memory. People can be supported to live well with dementia and this training provides information on recognising the person with dementia as a unique individual and how to communicate compassionately and effectively. Keeping physically, mentally and socially active makes a positive difference to mood and well-being to people affected by dementia and promotes independence.

This Training provides an overview of assistive equipment and technology and how this can be used to support individuals with their daily living needs and enhance safety.

The training is appropriate for people working in Community Care, Care Homes and Third Sector organisations providing support advice to people living with dementia.

Learning Objectives

Understand what is meant by the term dementia

Understand the importance of physical activity

Support individuals to meet their daily living needs, enhance understanding of assistive equipment and technology

Understand the importance of recognising the person with dementia as a unique individual

Be able to communicate effectively and compassionately with individuals who have dementia

Be able to signpost individuals, families and carers to dementia advice, support and information


With an ageing population the number of people in the UK living with or at risk of dementia is continuing to rise.

Currently over 850,000 living with dementia in the Uk are impacted by dementia and training to increase awareness and understanding is recognised as vitally important


Greater understanding of the impact of dementia on individuals, families and society

Have greater awareness of the actions that people affected by dementia can take to live as well as possible after diagnosis

Through greater understanding, staff will be able to communicate with compassion and provide more effective care for people with dementia

support individuals to continue their interests, social life and community involvement and know why this is important


Health and social care

Care Workers, health workers, staff with direct contact with people affected by dementia (face to face or telephone)

Call-centre staff working in customer facing roles

Size of Group

Up to 15


Half day

Can be delivered in conjunction with Dementia Awareness to form a full day

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