Communicating with Older or Vulnerable Customers

This course raises awareness of the ageing process, disability and sensory loss. The training includes a practical workshop using specialised equipment which simulates some aspects of sensory loss.

The aim of the training is to inspire and assist organisations to provide excellent customer service and inclusive product design.

This course has been successfully delivered in Financial Services, Utilities and Sales environments where it has made a positive impact to those organisations.

Learning Objectives

Participants will gain a better understanding of vulnerability and appreciate that vulnerability is complex and changeable

Participants will develop methods to help deal with customers who may be vulnerable

Gain empathy and understanding of some sensory loss through experiential exercises


To improve customer service to customers who may be vulnerable

Enhance and protect company reputation

Reduce the risk of selling goods or services to people who do not have the capacity to understand and make an informed decision about the impact of the agreements or purchases they are being asked to make


Enhance and protect company reputation

Improve quality of service

Reduce risk of complaints

Increase customer satisfaction and experience


Staff who are directly involved in customer service, either face to face or on the telephone

Size of Group

Up to 20 if two trainers, 10 one trainer


Half day- 4 hours or full day

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